Why IBPS PO Works For Everyone | IBPS PO 2019 and Its Impact!

By | 01/08/2018

Why IBPS PO Works For Everyone: IBPS stands for Institute of Banking Personnel Selection. IBPS PO is an exam conducted by IBPS every year for recruiting Probationary Officers for numerous Officer and Management Trainee posts, there are around 3562 vacancies for IBPS for an officer position. After the Independence when India started to Nationalize, India needed to develop its banking system rapidly. So that it is accessible by a majority of candidates, there surrounded a lot of buzz around the Bank Jobs. Earlier it used to be like, each bank conducted their own entry-level examination and it was tedious to appear for 10’s of exams rather than appearing for one exam. IBPS changed the inevitable by bringing all the scattered system under one roof by conducting IBPS PO 2019.

Why IBPS PO Works For Everyone

ibps po exam

IBPS is an autonomous body which conducts entrance examinations for the clerical and officer posts in Banking Sector except for SBI. IBPS is a Government Organisation and all the rules are set by IBPS, RBI, Indian Institute of Banking and Finance etc. collectively. IBPS PO examination is one of the most sought-after examinations which candidates prefer appearing for, after completing their Undergraduate degree. Anyone who has completed pursuing any undergraduate equivalent degree can apply for this examination, but to be particular about the job profile it is better if one has pursued BBA in his Under Graduation, would turn into a positive attribute for the candidate.

What makes IBPS PO so special…

Let’s Break It Down, Shall We!

Bank PO role is a mediocre job role, with huge job security and decent pay. The growth is phenomenal and it completely depends upon an individual’s performance. It is particularly easy for Engineering graduates as they are strong in analytics, aptitude, general knowledge, grammar, and mathematics. Bank exams are like a hotspot for those students who possess a good score and conduct in college but do not get placed in reputed MNCs due to many factors. While in search for a job, they stumble into Bank PO. Here is a huge upside for the bank employees, they work for a few hours in a day and also have a lot of time for them to spend studying for their Master’s degree.

All the colleges in the country are always in a competition with their equivalent match, but the B.Tech colleges in Allahabad are sticking to their guns and performing even better in terms of Placements and in the quality of education. They are making sure that the students are getting what they want. A dilemma is no stranger to engineering students, they overcome but finding what they are interested in and working on their interests.

why ibps po is important for everyone

Jobs After Engineering – Not Everyone’s Forte!

The banking sector has always been very alluring and it has captivated aspirants from all the backgrounds. Aspirants need to appear for an exam called IBPS PO in order to clear the selection process. The selection process is very different and competitive. Bank Jobs offer a sense of Security and also it opens up the pathway into Finance Sector, making it a go-to option for almost all the working class in the country.

Here’s why Bank Jobs are preferred over Private Jobs:

1. Scope for an Individual to Grow:

Bank Jobs offer ample scope for an individual to grow along with Bank. With not a lot of effort added to the work, anyone can achieve his or her milestones with great ease. Banking Jobs are not only growth-oriented but also are secured and respectable.

2. Variety:

One of the most diverse sectors to work in ( from Prohibitory Officer to Financial Analyst) A wide range of options to choose from.

3. Challenges faced:

Challenges faced by the bank employees are very different each day and it takes both physical and mental strength to maintain the optimum understanding and flow with the endeavor.

4. Opportunity for the growth of economy:

Finance Industry is like a backbone in our economy and all the Government Policies are part of this very sector. Each and every individual is completely responsible towards the growth in an economy. They more like social workers as they are working for themselves as well as for the country.

5. Handsome salaries:

The world runs on money and it is no wonder that people apply for these jobs just to earn more than they are already earning. This might seem like a bitter truth, yet money matters! Employees are paid handsome salaries along with bonuses and other incentives over the course of employment.

6. Job security & Job Satisfaction:

Bank jobs in a public sector are considered to be like the gold standard in this evolving world. IBPS PO is no different, there are a staggering 3562 vacancies to be filled in the course of 8 months. Once we get the job, this job will sustain for a lifetime. Being said that the job comes with all the perks and bonuses, but a job without attaining satisfaction is not a job anyone wants to be in.

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